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*How to Refine Your Search: *When you are searching for that perfect home, try using some of these tips to make your search better and easier!


  • Do you want a home in a particular area?

  • Do you want a home on a golf course?

  • Do you want a home with a pool?

  • The Advanced Search Tool above is your key to finding the home you want.


Now comes the fun! There are a number of different parameters you can include in your search. For example:

  • PROPERTY TYPE: Do you want a home or a condo? Do you want land or commercial property? Select what you want from the checkboxes at the top.

  • PRICE: Choose the price range you would like to see, using dropdown boxes, both high end and low end to set your budget.

  • MIN. SQ. FEET: What size do you want for your new home? You can select the minimum square feet from the dropdown box.

  • MIN BEDS: How many bedrooms do you need? From the dropdown box, select from 1+ to 6+ bedrooms.

  • MIN BATHS: How many bathrooms do you need? From the dropdown box, select 1+ to 6+ bathrooms.

  • CONSTRUCTION STATUS: There are a variety of homes under construction from which you can choose. Here, in the dropdown box, you can select from a variety of options including homes under construction, homes to be built and homes never occupied.

  • POOL: Pools can be a wonderful addition. Select from the dropdown box homes with pools, homes with no pools, or no preference either way for a pool.

  • LOT LOCATION: The lot location is a very appealing and important part of your new home. Such locations you can select include:

    • Adult communities (Ages 55+)

    • Golf course community homes

    • Homes directly on a golf course

    • Within city limits

    • Outside city limits

and a number of other lot locations you might like.

  • SHORT SALE: You can even select homes that could be available on a short sale.

  • Finally, click the SEARCH button and enjoy the homes you find!

The combinations are endless!